What Is Erotic Audio?


I could talk for hours and hours about erotica vs porn, but for the purposes of this site, the distinction is pretty slim. Let’s be real here.

?You’re familiar with porn, right? The genre of entertainment most technological advances are built to facilitate? Well that’s often about the visual, right? The images are laid out for you, fixed and immovable and one is free to enjoy them with little to no personal interaction beyond the obvious. But you’ve no control, no decisions to make. And you certainly have no space to enjoy a fantasy with your perfect partner.

?Audio erotica (or porn, if you prefer) takes control over the details and hands it to you.

?Do your fantasies include a BBW with long curly hair and piercing eyes? Or perhaps a slender red head with freckles and a cheeky grin? Maybe you prefer an older woman with the lines of experience and knowledge slashing her cheeks? Or someone exactly your age who reminds you, just a little of a childhood sweetheart?

?The point is, with audio erotica, you can enjoy a fantasy with any of these people. All of these people. More.

?Audio erotica provides the voice and the story, you provide the rest. Your imagination is free to roam and pull up any visual that serves you best, based on the voice you hear. A neat, immersive trick that even the best visual porn in the world is simply unable to provide.

?Don’t believe me? Have a listen. Hear for yourself.