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Do you like what I do? Do you want more?

This website is only a small taste of what I have to offer. I’m dotted across the internet and would love to see your support there too (click the links or the image to visit my profiles).

Visit my Patreon and, for as little as $1 get yourself access to my entire backlog and all new audios as soon as they release for as long as you’re a patron. Oh, and of course there are plenty of exclusive audios available only to patrons. Check it out!

All my safe for work (SFW) audios live on YouTube; short vignettes I’ve playfully called MMMs (Mini Monday Moments). Need comfort, a gentle experience or a little pick-me-up? These are the audios for you.

A brand new venture! Another home for all my full length SFW audios and most recent collaborative pieces with other wonderful members of the a NSFW Audio community.

Vanilla Audio
As much as I love the hotter, harder, more intense audio I produce, there is always, always space for something softer. Vanilla Audio is home to some familiar vanilla pieces, as well as some exclusives available there and there alone! Have a look.

The original home of Xyta Midnyte! This is where I began first posting erotic audio and though output there has slowed, there will always, always be free content there for you to enjoy. Go on, give my first home some love!

A new home of mine, featuring a heft selection of my more popular audios as well as some exclusives held just for the wonderful listeners of Syrin. Want to catch them? Simply join up and find my premium audios.

If you’re looking to buy single copies of my audios to keep, look no further than Gumroad. Here my most recent audios are available to purchase individually as you please and look out for a rolling membership option, coming soon, in which you’ll have access to everything for one low price.