Who Is Xyta Midnyte?


My name is Xyta Midnyte

…and I’m a storyteller. I tell my stories through writing and voice work.

Recording since 2017, I have published hundreds of stories, a eclectic mix of utterly family friendly adventure tales and, smoking hot, erotic fantasies.

Best known for my erotic content, I have recorded stories in the form of listener-self-insert roleplays through Literotica, Reddit, Vanilla Audio and more; all with the aim to provide you, the listener, an exciting, authentic experience.

My voice work extends beyond roleplays into narration, sleep aids, hypnosis, dramatic podcasts and, most recently video games and Twitch streams. I love to use my voice to excite, amuse, comfort and, entertain. If you’re interested in signing me to your project I’d love to hear from you.