About Me


My name is Xyta MidnyteXyta Midnyte avatar

…and I’m a creator of erotic content. My primary ways of doing this is through writing and voice work.

I’ve always been fond of stories. Sexy stories and eroticism are huge parts of my life and I consume my sensual media in many different ways. But erotic audio . . . ?


I discovered the genre in winter 2010 and instantly fell in love. Why, a means to consume sexy, arousing stories with the added power of my own imagination? That’s just too haaawt!
Yes, books are great, porn is wonderful, but audio? There lies the ability to consume a tale and become part of it with all the freedoms offered by my own kinky, twisted mind. What’s not to like? And, with a microphone plus a little time, I discovered the heady power of using my own voice to share my personal fantasies and stories.

I began recording in 2017, mostly silly things while muttering hesitantly into my laptop mic. I talked about DDlg scenarios, D/s scenarios, bondage and spanking. I whispered and moaned and yelped while playing and knew I’d found something too fun to abandon any time soon

Now with a a library of almost 100 free audios, I post weekly across Patreon, Literotica and Reddit. Audios for gentlemen, audios for ladies , audios for both and neither. If you enjoy listening to a well-spoken, sexy Brit, then please, allow my voice to take you on a journey, an adventure in which you, the listener play an integral role.