A Healthy Relationship With Food – MMM #171


Honey, listen to me; you’ve been at the gym for four hours. Four! And you’re saying you’ve not had anything to eat?

…can we sit down for a second and talk about this? I think you may have a real problem with food and I want to help you, if you’ll let me.


~Hello pets. This listener request, comes with an extra detail/disclaimer, as it covers the sensitive subject of eating disorders; specifically anorexia. 

I’ll immediately raise my hand and state this is a subject I know little about, and the research I have been able to do, in no way qualifies me to talk about this, or any other eating disorder from a position of authority or knowledge.

I record this audio, as my others, from a desire to comfort/reassure/entertain/assist listeners in their own personal health and wellbeing journeys. 

In light of that I have included a handful of resources I’ve found and encourage any and all of you to share more if you happen to have them (there are obviously far more than I’m able to reasonably post in a list like this by myself). Thank you, pets.


Beating Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders (In Teens) 

Anorexia and Bulimia Quebec 

Waterstone Foundation 

Mental Health America 

National Eating Disorder Association 

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