The New Client | Hubliss Protection Agency – Part 1


Welcome, you’ve reached the Hubliss Protection Agency.
We and our roster of skilled and dedicated agents are here to serve you and your safety in the swiftest and most thorough way possible.
Be it a single day, night or a number of weeks, we at the HPA are here to put your safety first and foremost.
Your life in our hands.

After a calm and relaxing period of leave, Xyta Midnyte returns to her role as a bodyguard with the HPA. She greets her colleagues and go through her paperwork to find news of a brand new client added to her roster.

A client who requires twenty-four hour protection, of which she will be responsible for half.

In house.

Backing music and ambience from (1940’s Office, City And The City, Secret Garden (Ambience only) & Throne Room (Music only))

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