Unearthed – Part Six (SFW | Full Length Fantasy Adventure)


TWs |  CWs: battle, loud SFX, threat of beheading, swearing

You escaped. You’re free!
After meeting with your three most trusted companions you return to camp knowing that you’ve no choice but to go back.
The elf woman has saved you not once, not twice, but three times now and the least you can do for her, is save her.
First you must convince your companions to join you.
Meanwhile… Xyta faces the consequences of her rash actions against Harathel and the others. She must meet with the King…




I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the incredible actors who made up my supporting cast. This episode would not be the same without them:

George Tossell – King Melgil
ZaneIV – Naghat
Ellis Knight – Bourznag
James Takahashi – Kartek
Georgia Warley-Cummings – Harathel
Xander Beals – Faelyn
CrashStar – Shayfor

Please, please do give them a follow and be sure to look up their previous works and give them a warm round of applause for such incredible performances. They’ll be back again for the sixth and final part later this week. ^_^

Background ambience from Tabletop Audio: ‘Royal Court,’ ‘Battle Of The Amazons,’ ‘Unto The Breech,’ ‘Forest Night,’ ‘Wizard’s Tower’ and ‘Throne Room’

Additional SFX from freesound.org under CC0 license.