Unearthed – Part Four (SFW | Full Length Fantasy Adventure)


TWs |  CWs: peril, danger

In this time of quiet, when hope is lost and escape is impossible… it cannot hurt to have a conversation.
As you and the elven captain sit lost and alone in this deep, dark cave, you ask her to share stories of her homeland. For you have only heard stories of the elven kingdoms. Indeed, all you have ever seen of them is smoke and burning, whilst pillaging and raiding.
But the world Xyta speaks of is light and clear and beautiful. Something; you have never heard of before. Something that makes you feel things you’ve never felt before. Certainly not for a pointy-eared elf.
Even she seems to warm to you. If only a little.
Perhaps… perhaps it is possible to be more than enemies?



Background ambience from tabletopaudo.com ‘Goblin’s Cave’
Additions SFX from freesound.org under CC0 license.