Unearthed – Part Three (SFW | Full Length Fantasy Adventure)


TWs |  CWs: threat of drowning, peril, talk of passed loved ones

The water is rising. The narrow slip of cave you inhabit is filling.
There is one way out. Hopefully. Barely.
Xyta is keen to dip beneath the rising water and swim through the tunnel you found, hoping to find safety that way. But you… you fear the water. You fear the cold, darkness and the way it closes overhead and the memory of your wife lies strong within you. So very strong.
But you must choose and do so quickly or else your own demise is as assured as the close, damp darkness around you. What will you do?



Background ambience from tabletopaudo.com ‘Goblin’s Cave’
Additions SFX from freesound.org under CC0 license.