Unearthed – Part One (SFW | Full Length Fantasy Adventure)


The battle has begun. Elves and orcs clash hard and fast on the field of battle, each fighting for what they believe in.
Captain Midnyte of the elven forces leads a tactical charge into the ranks of your orcs but you, powerful and mighty among them, step in to her to fight hand to hand.
A might clash of axe and sword, orc and elf, a hand-to-hand fight fit to go down through the ages… until an errant blast of magic rends the earth asunder, dropping both you and the hot-headed elf captain into it.
Far beneath the earth, trapped, lost, alone; you and the elf captain have no way out. Indeed you have no clear idea of exactly where you are or what is happening…. except that the elf captain is trapped beneath rocks and your own company for the foreseeable…



Background ambience from tabletopaudo.com ‘Goblin’s Cave,’ ‘Skirmish’ & ‘Medieval Battle’

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