You’re Not Your Chair MMM #134



Back in February my uncle died. He was only in his 50s and the death was utterly unexpected. He was strong, healthy and lively… all except for the fact that he was in a wheelchair. He had been for more than 30 years.

In fact, the accident that put him in that chair happened on my third birthday. Having made it through the funeral and the immediate grieving that goes with such an event I began to think about the life he must have led.

He was once a Marine, y’see and that part of his life cut shortly sharply when an accident he had no part in causing robbed him of the use of his legs.

And… being young when it happened, it has always been as he was in my mind… ‘Uncle M’ and his cool chair, funky tricks, buff arms and white, twinkly smile.

But he wasn’t always as bright, cheerful and accepting of his lot as he came to be. And I know there are folk out there in a similar situation. So… I made this. One, in honour of him and two in honour of you fine folk. It’s not over for you no matter how much it may feel that way. You’ve the rest of your life to lead and the one thing you have absolute control over is your attitude and outlook.

Make it bright. Make it sunny. Like my uncle.


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