First Time On The Train (SFW | F4A)


I’ve been so busy this week that recording has been a little difficult. Fortunately for me one of you has been incredibly kind and offered me their own personal lil audio as something I may post publicly for you all to enjoy.
For those of you who didn’t know, the Coquettish In Cashmere and Luscious in Leather tiers on my Patreon receive monthly audios from me, totally personal, theirs to keep and enjoy forever, created to their specifications.
This one, however is more than suitable for public release as I mistakenly neglected to include specific names. But now you can enjoy it too, and I hope you do!
Pet, your generosity and understanding means a great deal. Thank you for allowing me to share your audio.

Oh, so you’re new? This is your first year at Hogwarts, wow!
Okay, well I’m Xyta, Ravenclaw prefect and I’m pleased to meet you.
Goodness, you look so nervous! Right, why don’t you hang out with me and my friends. We’ll take care of you for sure.
Oh yes, you’re going to have a wonderful time!


Background ambience from ‘Age Of Steam’

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