She’s A Light Sleeper (NSFW | FM4A)


Party time and Stella, having lost her friends slips into an upstairs room for a little nap. She is woken by Ryan who enters the room to escape the noise and ruckus of the party happening below.
The pair have been sharing longing and meaningful glances all night but neither has made a move.
But now…?
Well this seems like the perfect opportunity to ‘get to know each other a little better’ without the trouble of making small talk or even being completely awake…
Listen to Stella and Ryan navigate their way to a sexy encounter without once ever speaking a word to each other.


So first up, HUGE thanks for ArgonautVA for agreeing to work with me on this. Frankly when I wrote the script back in November I never anticipated it would get voiced, as the idea was so (SO) niche.
Find Argo: Twitter  |  Audiomack
And more thanks toward Kilbeggan32 who took my babbled idea of what I wanted the piece to sound like and edited all our voice files into something beautiful.
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